Pretty Poems

Source of Inspiration

Pretty poems
rousing rants
declaring discussions
worthy words
nothing nonsense

Sometimes the best poem
is an empty page

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I’ll have…

Wet Bliss

What she’s having
Eagerly grabbing
Fingers wrapping
Tongue lapping
Breath gasping
You’re strapping

Some ass slapping
A good shagging
Bodies clapping
Clitoris tapping
Jabbing, stabbing
More splashing

Hands clasping
Figures relaxing
Arm trapping
Mind napping
What’s happening
Why am I laughing

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“A dance with death”


A dance with Death.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


If we listen. Wisdom can be heard in the wind.



A dance with Death.

(If you are lucky. We get warnings to change our ways.   Years ago I was trying to drink myself to death in Austin, Texas. A dark-haired beautiful woman  with dark serious eyes change my direction. Kind spirits with wise advice do warn us that we  control our destiny. I’m a historian and believe if we open our hearts  and mind. We can have a good life. Death is always close. We must forgive the sins   done against us and our sins done  to other people. A wise man/woman learn to move  on and is thankful for one more day to celebrate being alive.)

I was sitting alone in a Austin tavern. Drinking shots of whiskey and a lot of beer and wishing to be somewhere else. I was trying to…

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