Gesture of a Dancer Slideshow

Artist- Ted Giffin - Musician

Today, as far as visual art, I felt compelled to work quickly
and capture the feel of the image rather than drawing all tight, cramped,
consumed with representation. Also I know that a lot of my viewers thoroughly
enjoy when I let loose with color, which has always come naturally to me.
So here it is, the slideshow..

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J-Dub’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events (I Borrowed From Lemony Snickets But This Is Not The Same).

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

Over the course of the next few blogs, in a somewhat chronological order, I will write to expel my feelings on virtual paper.  J-Dub’s: A series of unfortunate events (I borrowed loosely from Lemony Snickets – just a play in the name). In my Act 2.0, I am writing to fill my time.  Empty nest is now 8 days away.  When possible I will inject humor and add a positive point of view but in some cases, life is just dark. Read on with caution.

I was in second grade.  It was winter and very cold.  Not sure what month; assuming after the holidays though because school was back in session … maybe January or February??  I was dropped at school like normal.  The day proceeded pretty much like normal.  We were using flashcards and each parent had made some and sent them in.  Someone mentioned the ones my mom had made smelled like smoke…

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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

At lunch, I took a walk to blow off steam.  No …  I was sad.  I took a walk to shake the cobwebs from my soul.  Today will forever be known as sad sack Monday.  My fictional short will follow eventually.

Anyhoo, as I made my laps around the level 5 parking garage, I read a FB article.  Walking and reading made me dizzy and that’s why I cannot remember the whole thing.  That and my memory ain’t what it used to be.

The title was eight myths about breast cancer.  The two mythsI remember are:

  • wearing antiperspirants causes breast cancer
  • wearing a bra causes breast cancer

Oh and as I write this I remembered one more

  • only people with a family history get breast cancer

I will elaborate on the first two.  I quit wearing deodorant when Lisa Scottoline wrote that she did.  That is also when…

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