No Room In The Closet

We’ll stack bodies…

Aubrey's Arch

My Wife and my Husband

There’s no room

in the closet

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Gotta lov witches secrets…



This Spell exercises the powers of your concentration

It requires the mind to focus over a period of time on the intended victim

To forcefully project your magickal connections into your most desired intentions

That is what makes this Spell an excellent one for beginner Witches

Take some Earth from the footprint of the Man you Love

Perhaps you can “catch” him in a park or wherever it is where He will step in dirt

Some Witches have been known to set up this area by well let’s say accidentally dropping a flower pot of dirt where He is about to step

Like the ever Damsel in Distress He will help you to clean up the mess and along with that…a footprint!

Sometimes we must use our diabolical brains and invent how to succeed

You get the idea…

The footprint is the connection with Him…

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#Haikai Challenge #17 (1/20/18): hawk #haiku #senryu #tanka #haibun #renga #haiga

Frank J. Tassone


Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash

Thank you, haijin! Last week’s challenge broke records–for views and participation!

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Onward! Winter continues in New York, but we enjoy the first day with temperatures above freezing in a week. I hear the cries of blue jays perched on the bare branches of Maple trees in my backyard. It brings to mind a traditional kigo for winter: hawk.

Graceful. Beautiful. Fierce. These mid-sized raptors plummet upon their prey from the heights. I once saw one snatch an injured squirrel right off of my lawn!

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Night Falls In My Dreams


Night falls in my dreams,

waking them up from deep slumber…

It rolls them down gently from the mountain top,

like a lullaby,

It spreads them out in the green meadows by the moon light,

It dances with them to the melody of the quiet rain,

It flies with them in the warm breeze to the sky,

Night falls in my dreams…

with love

poetry and image copyright neha 2018

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Graf Artist Bacon w/ ?

Graffiti Lux and Murals

It’s an old piece in a parking spot, in an alley in Cabbagetown.

I’m sure the graf writing says BACON. There’s more obscured by the trees.

So, 2 artists probably worked on this.

Cars might block some of the art, but the reflections can be wonderful.

Pics taken by Resa – June 26, 2017

Toronto, Canada

One of the Artists:

Maybe Jarus is the other.

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Nipple-gasm, take 3

Wet Bliss

Tough titty said the kitty
who wasn’t getting any
on take three
it’s about to get tricky


Spoiled rotten
and require a good cockin’
so there’s no stopping
this round Robin


When I tried
not to give you that hickey
while suckling on your Vickey’s
that left me feeling


Lost in the moment
with the marks left to show it
it was lickety split
getting in & out of the cockpit


High above the nest to reach the crest
where fingerprints landed to suggest
the girls were hard pressed

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Making aliens is fun…

A creative child a work!

Pouring My Art Out

c 1

No, I don’t mean making images of aliens… although that is fun too. When I was writing my science fiction series: ‘The Otherwhere Chronicles’, I had to create hundreds of alien characters, and dozens of alien species. It isn’t easy to come up with something new. There is a lot of science fiction out there.

Because I decided to write these novels without planning ahead at all, I would frequently throw in a new alien when things seemed to be slowing down. First, I would think of an amusing premise…  a ‘hook’, as it were. Because these are action/humor novels, I would do things like creating a race of  very warlike beings, but we would meet the most cowardly of the bunch. Or I would make them very cute and lovable, but they would have a dark secret. That is why we have characters like a vicious warlord who conquered…

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Still $120

Cristian Mihai

Hi guys,

I am excited to tell you that we have to raise only $120 for the camera.

If you want to help me out, you can donate any amount you see fit via PayPal here. Any contribution matters, any amount helps me reach my goal. Even if it’s a dollar. Especially if it’s a dollar. Every little bit helps.

Also, you can check out my e-store here. You can find a ton of cool stuff, from advertising options to signed paperbacks, to e-books, even a mentorship program on blogging.

You can use coupon code STORE2018 for 50% off every purchase.

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FIRST: we shall attune the


Psychologically to what is about to happen

SECOND: make sure that all the necessary steps for the spell are correct including the procedure and method

THIRDLY: imprison in your

Mind confidence
Body action
Spirit belief

The spell to take hold and your will shall be done



1 green pillar candle
1 piece of gold
1 piece jade
13in green thread
Sandalwood Oil

Lightly anoint the

Gold piece

With the Sandalwood Oil

Tightly wrap around the candle the green thread (and it must be thread not cord or string) from top to bottom

On the Night of a New Moon place this anointed candle with the gold piece and jade on a table or your altar facing south

Think about your money gains

money money come to me
bring wealth let…

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Use your imagination

To fulfill your dreams,

Hear, see and fantasise about everything,

Use imagination to lift you up

Use it to inspire within others love,

Use your imagination to find your creativity

Use imagination in your relationships to please,

Imagination opens up eyes and mind

Use your imagination don’t be colour blind,

Use your imagination to create a masterpiece,

Use it to discover your own inner peace,

Use imagination to blow others away,

Because living using your imagination

Manifests your existence like an artwork display,

To been seen, to be adored as well as amazed,

Let your imagination just run away.

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Still, Silent, Safe… until it is not.

Floating steady it stays minding its own until its world comes crashing down with a croaking sound.

No, not the world but a frog abusing the safety of a surface upon the dangerous water.

A trade of poor music for safety was all the Frog had to give.

Soon though as life always does just as you begin to feel safe, catastrophe happens…

The water ripples the only warning as the Frogs greatest fear consumes him.

Safety is gone and suffering is no more.

The Lily rises once more above the water… still, silent, safe.

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