Pine Cones and Pine Needles are used to Bring and Gain Prosperity

Bring a Bag along with You and Gather upon the Ground those Pine Cones and Pine Needles that have Fallen off the Trees


To draw success and money to your place of business gather up the Pine Cones and bundle them together attaching them with Green Cord or String

Then hang the Pine Cone bundle outside by the front door of your businessPERSONAL WEALTH

Gather 19 Pine Cones

Then in the Evening go outdoors place the Pine Cones within a Witches Circle of a 9ft circumference while standing within the Center of the Circle

Bring along with you 1 Cinnamon Scented Candle in a Holder

While standing in the Center of the Circle place your


Into each and every Pine Cone

Then 1by1 starting at the North side…

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Otherwheres Collide… (A humorous science fiction thriller)… Chapter 8…

Pouring My Art Out

(Author’s note)… I don’t really mind that no one is reading this, or leaving any comments. I am mostly doing it so that I can finish the editing process on this, the fourth book in the action/humor science fiction series: The Otherwhere Chronicles.

That being said, a little feedback would be nice. I mean, Arthur… not me, the one… (Yes, I  know there are now two me’s from those other two dimensions, but I mean the one who is the hero in all the books)… has managed to not only stop the leading fleet of the enemy invasion from the other dimension, but he even got them to change sides. All without anyone being killed. And he just makes it all up as he goes along. Not bad for a lazy, sarcastic, old guy, who shirks responsibility and never asked to be put in charge of the defense of an…

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J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

Funny Math:

I bought four similar items for total cost of $11.99 with tax included.  I added one more similar item and the price dropped to $10.39 with tax included.  That’s how they get you … discount to buy five though mostly, that turns out in the store’s favor.  This time, I scored :).  Did I need that 5th item?  No, not even close.  Did I get it? Why yes, yes I did!  Then I turned around and I gave it to a homeless woman at the red light on my way home.

It’s Thought Thought That Counts:

Hmmm.  Well I read a post earlier this week that put it’s the thought that counts” in an entirely new perspective.  Gag gifts are sacrilege.  People need basic essentials.  Give a coat, not a bag of unicorn farts.

Dinner With The Brain Trust:

Pony and Wise joined us for dinner…

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Otherwheres Collide… (A humorous science fiction thriller)… Chapter 7…

He tries to write!

Pouring My Art Out

(Author’s note)… I really do think that if you give this, the fourth novel in my action/humor science fictions series: ‘The Otherwhere Chronicles’ a chance, you might find yourself wanting to know what happened in the first three books… available over there—> in my sidebar—> just to learn how that other me got himself into this predicament involving hundreds of alien species, an invasion from another dimension, huge fleets of space ships, yet another me from that other dimension, and all the rest of what is going on right now.

But I am totally okay with it if you want to just follow along, wondering who all these people are, and how they got there, and why they are doing what they are doing.

Chapter Seven

Arthur turned back to the other Arthur. Then he changed his mind and spun back to face the corner where he knew the bug…

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