Just a little bit more about fashion in the 1970’s…

Pouring My Art Out

c 1

That was basically my ‘uniform’ for the 1970’s… bell bottom blue jeans with patches, a black t-shirt… usually with ‘Bad Company’ written on it, and with a big pot leaf below that. Yeah, I wore a vest over my t-shirt. Sometimes I even wore the vest without a shirt underneath it.

Two questions should spring immediately to mind.

One… But Arthur, you said you had really long hair in the 70’s, where is it?

I did have long hair for most of the 70’s, but I was in the U. S. Navy for two years, when I was 17 and 18. They made me cut it off…

Two… Uh, Arthur, why are you wearing Alice Cooper makeup?

Well, a friend and I, who were stationed on a Navy base in San Diego at the time, were going to a midnight show of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, I know…

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