The Animal World Doesn’t need more Rescues; We need more Volunteers: A tale of intentions and disasters

Heart of Phoenix Equine Education BLOG

In 2009, I looked around West Virginia, and I wanted to help our horses. It seemed there was almost no where to turn, and within a year or so, the few places left had collapsed under fraud and abuse charges.

It was only then, after making the effort as a single family to help horses, I believed I needed to do something. And after 2 more years of working as a mostly self funded effort, I saw that I had built a following that made me feel taking steps toward an organization and a 501(c)3 rescue made sense. I had made contacts with others doing the same, I had proven our small work had value, integrity and sincerity. I had learned financial lessons and paid the price from my own pocket and given many hours from my life.

Had there been any reasonable rescue working in our state, I would have…

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