Greek Myths & Graffiti Murals – Collaboration with Aquileana

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Could this be  KHOLKIKOS, the serpent dragon? According to Aquileana from La Audacia de Aquiles, yes.

I agree, and this could be HELIOS aka APOLLO,

… with one of his 4 sun chariot horses.

Pic blows up beautifully

Thinking I’d struck myth gold with this mural found at the University of Toronto, I sent pics to Aquileana, who had found murals about myths, as well. So was born our Greek Mythology/ Graffiti Murals Collaboration.

He really does look like the sun! His sister Artemis aka Selene looks on.

I am presenting the mural from left to right.

Click on Pic to see the full glory of the mural

Next in the mural, there is a man behind a wolf.

I thought this would be the Olympic boxer Damarchus,who is also Lycanthropeis or the first werewolf.

It seems this couple is waving to us. I hope…

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