The Keeper of Perdition by Brandon Ryals

Freewill Writers Asylum


As I close my eyes to the coming of the dawn
The winds whisper your name to me
My mind fills with visions of my goddess
So beautiful bathed in darkness

Sitting alone I hold the key close to my heart
Disbelief tries vainly to take hold
Yet in my heart I know the truth of what I saw
The proof lays before me in silent slumber

the memories of the night seem such a mess
Fragments of a dream yet I know it to be true
it must be as I reach out to take her hand
memories unfold in my mind finally the truth

Sitting alone I listening to the oceans roar
lost in the tranquilly of the moment
The last moments as the sun falls away
When the water is ablaze with the final fire

Soon the night will come bring the ethereal
A phantom smile onโ€ฆ

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