Am i a writer?

Thoughts about myself….

Please read, to know the real chris jensen


i´ve been writing poetry an posting on a blog for some year now!  i was not big on school or for that matter did very well in any subject, little lone, (English)…  Nonetheless have been posting on several different blogs, which i´ve started..  That have come an gone…

i have been interviewed by a few, whom have posted or published the works, mostly for my lifestyle of living on the streetś…

Where i move from coffee shop, buying a steamed milk or coffee for the price of gaining wifi…

Now doing this all while digging into dumpsters for bottles or anything else that i may change into cash…

i also feed myself throughout all this time spending as less as possible, mostly on what people throw away…  (You would be amazed what people, in this city deem as garbage or no longer edible in the the city of Vancouver, British…

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