Mermaid Says…..Trust Your GUT, It’s a FREEING Experience

Originally posted on Tales From A Mouthy Mermaid: Good Morning Dear Readers, This morning I want to write about an experience that has taking me so very long to learn……TRUST YOUR GUT……. In my world, trusting your GUT is something that took me many years to learn and I’m not sure why, but believe me…

(i jumped on to this post, because of an old memory of an old friend, now passed on.. We experience a duet dream, in my
special place… i lovingly true..

Nonetheless, ifinn you know about Mermaids Breath, then you need not go any farther…

Well Mermaids Breath, is a magical gift only given by a Mermaid, i would only to special souls..

i took my friend to my special spot, where we both, met up with an very old friend,
where she gave us both the breath of her soul..

Which allows one to breath under water…

True story…)

via The Mouthy Mermaid Says…..Trust Your GUT, It’s a FREEING Experience — cabbagesandkings524


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