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Aldgate flat tyre

While on our mini birthdaygetaway to the Adelaide Hills we went to Aldgate. A good cup of coffee was calling us.  The plan was to get back to the cottage before dark. That was very nearly kyboshed when we got a flat tyre. Well, semi-flat. After inspecting it more closely TRH decided to try adding more air to see if that did the trick. It did. The raucous laughter of a whole flock of kookaburras provided a cacophony of sound effects in the background. We did make it back before dark. He didn’t want to drive the windy roads and risk missing some of the turns in the dark.

Aldgate Fred's Eatery

Fred’s Eatery in Aldgate was a delightful discovery. The coffee was really good. We had a late lunch, ordering The Reuben by Fred. If you are ever in Aldgate, you gotta try it. That’s it on the left. It was massive. One…

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