Thursday photo prompt – Green #writephoto

But I Smile Anyway...

Sue’s #writephoto prompt this week.

“Is this what we’ve been searching for?” Charlie stopped suddenly at the edge of the water.

Pete reached his side shortly after, out of breath, almost doubled over with the effort of this up to now pointless hike. “Well I don’t know Chaz, feels like we’ve been on a wild goose chase so far. Bloody cryptic clues! Was always bad at these things at school as well. Why couldn’t they just write simple bloody directions? Give us a post code, you know, the satnav would have done the rest!”

“Shut your cake hole for a minute and look at this!”

Pete looked up and saw gently running water and a stone building of sorts, with two dark, dingy entrances.

“Look into my eyes, all set in stone
Upon which the green moss has grown
Step over the tears that appear to flow
And enter the cavern in…

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