I had a really good tiger day… part 2…

Pouring My Art Out

a 1

The best thing about tigers… from a photographer’s point of view… is that, when they are out where you can see them, they tend to pace back and forth…

a 2

This lets you capture them from several angles.

a 3

Maybe only bored zoo tigers do this, but I like that picture right there.

a 4

Ear signal spots!

a 5

Nice kitty!

a 6

Okay, enough tiger… for now…

a 7

Here are two pictures of birds I took at the San Diego zoo that were too good to delete, but not good enough to make it in to the bird posts I will do later…

a 8

Sorry, birds, my fault, not yours.

a 9

That is the face Olivia makes when she is done going down the slide, and just wants some dang French fries.

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