“I like to see the eyes”


I like to see the eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


When we truly can see. The eyes allow us into true places and mystery.


                               I like to see the eyes

I don’t like when I can’t see the eyes.
The eyes can tell you a thousand stories.
They can warn you to escape or make you wish to stay
to be able to  gaze into the gentle and loving eyes.

Sweet women so necessary  to form a life.
They can give you the chance to desire love, life and give you purpose
to be alive.

When a women desire. She can look into your eyes. Take you to hell or heaven
with a glance. Make you wish for everything or nothing.

I made a wish for the woman with the laughing eyes. Kind eyes that make you
dream and hold hope. I want the girl who sing and…

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