The Wayward Sisters: Back to Black (Blogging friends)





My storming high-heel,

passionate dream,

within a swish an a kiss

our lives flow

erotically downstream…

Mysterious an unique,

dark dressed’

an honestly critique..

Storming passionate

fruit and vodka

early morning, wake-up

washed away

loving memories

of lastnights


Stimulating conversations


laughter an dance..

Reminiscing new an old


an fallen lov

midday trance..

Open dreams,

to a fresh new start

within those fun, loving beginnings!

The above piece was

within a honest fun in a loving way…

To the post made be a blogging friend;


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Published by: chris jensen

Who am i? i am nothing! Started in nothing! Ending in nothing! Truly free, on a reclusive trip.. Floating free.... A gift from those whom sent me! Who am i? Why simply. i am me!

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