Fun with filters, a how-to guide… part 1… (and you should really read these in order)…

Pouring My Art Out

a 1

Over the next day or two… or longer, if the crack squirrels that live in my head decide it should be so… we are going to have some fun with filters. I know, everybody says I have no filters. But you probably do. And if you don’t, I can tell you where to get some… for free… and they are easy to use, and will make your blog art pop.

Also, I will tell you, step-by-step, how to do all this stuff.

To begin with, I am using a picture of the little girl I babysit. Yes, it is my buddy, Olivia, the daughter of some friends of ours. And yes, I supplement my meager income from a part-time job as an apartment manager by doing some babysitting. I even undercut my competition… teenage girls… by charging only ten dollars an hour, which, I think, is below the actual minimum…

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