Fun with filters, a how-to guide… part 3… (and you should really read these in order)…

Pouring My Art Out


Okay, if you have been reading these posts in order, you should by now be able to turn any photo into an Obama-style poster like this one. The only thing you have to do that is different from the last post, is that you should open the ‘Effects’ menu, instead of the ‘Filter’ menu, once you open your photo in

a 1

The ‘effect’ menu will let you do a bunch of stuff to change a picture like that, into stuff like this…


I won’t even tell you the name of each of these effects. Just put a photo in there, and start playing around. Remember, you can undo any change you make, by clicking the blue ‘undo’ words above your latest experiment.


Hey, I am just trying to help make your blog more interesting… not that it isn’t already interesting.

Next, we will try some more fun stuff with some…

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