VIDEO Trump Could Make Travel Ban Permanent, Expand to More Countries

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White House, observers say, is likely looking at widening restrictions following Supreme Court decision

28 June 2017 by Margaret Menge 

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said this week that he suspects the White House is looking to expand the travel ban after the Supreme Court’s Monday decision, which allowed the temporary ban to go into effect with some exceptions.

The ban prohibits, for the next 90 days, the entry of people into the U.S. from six countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. It also suspends the refugee program for 120 days and limits the total number of refugees the U.S. will take in this year to 50,000.

Iraq, which was on the original order of countries from which entry was prohibited, was dropped in the revised order issued in March.

“I think the way it ought to go is that the pause be turned into an indefinite…

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