Thursday photo prompt – Flight – #writephoto – Birds at Sunrise



Dawn is a favoured time for me.

It heralds the new day and marks the end of the darkness.

Outside I hear the birds chorus

It goes on and on and always with an intensity that suggests something very important is being discussed.

Some morning I get up to watch the sunrise, and against the twittering of birds, I see the sun poke its head over the hill to my east.

Then the kookaburras start, their laughter echoes across the valley as from tree to tree they fly staking their territory for all other birds to marvel at.

Some mornings I wander down to the back fence where if I’m quiet enough the ducks will come and sit along the fence line in front of me.

They are big ducks, enough for a family of five I think. But I don’t have the wherewithal to do anything apart from wonder…

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