Venus Enters Gemini💨July 5 2017❤️The Love of Staying Up To Date🗣

Celestial Priestess's Fourth Density Journal

#Tuesday July 4 2017💨❤️Tomorrow Venus Enters Gemini and we are once again busy attaining valuables or focusing on staying up to date. Venus doesn’t want to be left out in Gemini. She enjoys distributing information as well as attaining it, so this busy energy can once again be seen in the grand collective.

Venus Entering Gemini can give us a little boost for momentum. Many can be feeling laid back with all the activity in a Cancer lately and with the boost of Gemini it can help us get back on our feet again.

If for example Venus is entering your 8th house you may be more sexual then usual and more sassy, care should be taken however, Venus transiting the 8th house can trigger Envy in others towards you, or loosing something Valuable since 8th house has to do with transformation.

A need to shake up tomorrow in the…

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