Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Name?’ She’s looking at my identification while

asking me for my God given, well randomly chosen out of a

hat alias. So I lie. I tell her that the world is going to end, eventually.

She looks up from her lumpy nineties model computer screen and asks

me to, ‘come again sir? Look I’ve got my fifteen in twenty and I don’t need

this crazy talk especially from a guy named,’ I tell it’s just a joke. Not really

though. I mean it is ending, I whisper. It’s a slow descend and it’s not a true

collective. ‘Collective?’ Collective. It’s a singular event if you think about

it, I tell her. ‘When the world ends, we go al-.’ A single shot goes

off. Someone exits. Bits of my frontal lobe in her hair.

I’m still conscious so, I finish my sentence.

Photographer Unknown

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