Not the Show


“Is there anything on at the movies?”

*Moo Googles*

“Cars 3.”
“Really! Are people still doin that?”
“Legend of the whatever.”
“Legend of the whatever?”

*everyone laughs*

“King Arthur, Legend of the Sword.”
“The sword? They don’t even know its name?”

*watches trailer*

“Jude Law.”
“Spanish music.”
“That’s Zeppelin.”
“Is it?”
“Yes. King Arthur featuring the music of Led Zeppelin. It’s a no for me. King Arthur has just been over and over and over.”
“And over and then some.”
“And apparently not to death.”

“Pirates of the Caribbean blah blah blah.”
“People never get tired of Johnny Depp’s pirate face.”
“Can there even still be rum?”

“Baywatch. Pfft. We could all don our swimwear and act out scenes from Baywatch in the front lawn and that would be more entertaining than watching fucking Baywatch.”

“Something about Paris.”

*listens to trailer*

“That’s a yes for me. I’d…

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