Comic Con… wait… is that Tony Stark???

Pouring My Art Out

a 1

Did you see the actual Robert Downey Jr.???

a 2

No… calm down… it’s just a rubber head.

a 3

And this isn’t the real Iron Man. It isn’t even a real person in a really good Iron Man costume.

a 4

There, you can see the base upon which Iron Man is affixed. And behind him, to the left, you can see the rubber head. But this brings up an interesting point about Comic Con. Sometimes, you can’t tell if you are looking at a real person in a costume, or a display of some sort.

a 5

Is that a guy dressed as an alien predator, or a display? There is no stand under it. I am still not sure which it is… but it didn’t move while I was looking at it… which was sort of creepy.

a 6

Okay, that one has a stand, but it looks exactly like other Wookies I saw wandering around. Maybe…

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