Sea Nature in Trosa is no longer protected!


There nothing more magickal than protecting nature an children…

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

At a text in Swedish is published.

My family wrote the text to tell the public that the nature is no longer protected by the authorities that should protect it. It’s sad when authority people forget their responsibility to the public and nature. Sweden often brag about how uncorrupt we are. That’s not true anymore, we are as bad as any other nation. Money talks here too. We also brag about how great we are at democracy. We are not any more and that scares me.

This is the text in a google translation. Sorry if it’s hard to read. It’s not easy to translate all Swedish law words correct.

Trosa Municipality and the County Administrative Board extinguish the grand nature protection in Trosa

The Swedish nature protection rules shall protect the animal and plant life and provide public access to beaches and water. Responsibility for maintaining this protection…

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