The ToyMac sign as seen from Hastings and Birch


The large and misleading photo mural with my reflection providing some scale.

So, on Sunday (July 30), someone living on 13th Avenue, just off Birch Street, threw out a really gigantic, full-colour, photo mural of East Hastings Street in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood.

The glossy foam-core-mounted mural was maybe a metre by two metres and appeared to depict the north side of East Hastings Street at the intersection with Mclean Drive.

At least the mural showed the Waldorf Hotel sitting on the northwest corner of the intersection, as it has for the last 69 years—since 1949.

On the northeast corner of the intersection, however, the mural placed a Toys “R” Us store—the Toys “R” Us store, in fact, from the 1100 block of West Broadway. This is the location with the so-called “ToyMac” sign, where the big, vertically-arranged, lightbox letters of the store’s logo do not…

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