A girl, a boy, a big rock, an old tree, and a faraway city…

Pouring My Art Out

a 1

On our last day in the Bay Area, I took Mollie, my daughter, her boyfriend and my wife, to another of my favorite places from back in the day.

a 2

This is Indian Rock… I know, it is amazing that in the Bay Area, right near Berkeley, the center of the liberal, politically correct universe, that they haven’t changed it to ‘Native American Rock’… but they haven’t… yet.

a 3

This rock does have grinding holes for acorns, and was used by the Native Americans… but I’m pretty sure they didn’t carve the stairs.

a 4

This was always a fun place to go. When I was little, my friends and I would scramble all over the rocks. Later, it was a great place to bring a date to watch the sunset.

a 5

Now, it has been discovered by the tourists, and worse, the yuppies. It is too crowded at sunset. I did tell a funny…

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