Planet of the Apes ditches long-winded titles for new spin-off Last Frontier


First came Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011. Then Dawn of the Planet of the Apes arrived in cinemas three years later, followed by the explosive trilogy finale War for the Planet of the Apes just last month. What connects these three blockbusters, aside from their intelligent simian protagonists or the largely universal applause with which each met? Why, their hideously elongated names, of course.

But performance capture studio The Division are making a bold move this year, proposing that new Apes entries don’t need seven-word epithets to craft compelling expansions of the prequel saga’s canon. Of greater significance than syntactical semantics is the medium through which they – and first-time developer Imaginati – will convey the next instalment; prepare for the first licensed spin-off since Fox Interactive and Ubisoft’s PS1 tie-in to the loathed 2001 Tim Burton reboot.


  • Not unlike Telltale Games’ various episodic sagas,

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