See you next Year

Is this a canadian law?

UTW drug addict, living on the streets of Vancouver BC Canada…


If the weekend of Nov 5th is anything to go by, we are in for a lot of whiz, bangs, whooshes and pops tonight.
We’ve taken Maggie for her usual walks today, and the penultimate of just over an hour ago had her pretty confident and relaxed. That was until pops were heard in the distance. At least we didn’t have great big flares and multi starred rockets blasting into the sky, but we reckon they will come at midnight.

It’s been a while since we saw the New Year in.
In years past we would go outside with a glass of wine/water, cup of tea/coffee and stand by the gate wishing anyone around a Happy New Year.
When 2000 came along, we were in the bungalow in Poole, and trotted out in our jimjams to embrace the new millennium.
We were invited to join one of the parties going…

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