How to lay a curse

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

Disclaimer: I (the wolf of antimony) am not responsible for what you choose to do with this information. Use at your own risk.

Cursing is the act of sending out ill will, and negative energy at a construct, or entity, and hopes to do harm, or create misfortune. Curses act as a form of spiritual attack that allows the practitioner to force their will, and power upon another. There are many reasons why one would want to throw a curse from revenge to teaching people life lessons, but it depends on the practitioner’s ethical judgement to decide in what circumstances a curse would be necessary. All these different practitioners that practice cursing have their own ideas, morals, and ethics, and if you believe that you would like to incorporate this into your practice, you will have your own as well. By understanding these practices you can not only learn how…

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