Fifth adult film actress found dead in the past three months

To whom, this must stop…

porn star
Adult actress Olivia Lua was found dead at a California rehab facility on Thursday morning, making this the fifth adult film actress to die in the past three months. Olivia Lua, 23, (overdose), Olivia Nova, 23, (overdose) August Ames (suicide), Yurizan Beltran, 31, (overdose), and Shyla Stylzez, 35, (suspected drug use) are five recent preventable deaths in the adult industry that are famous. There are many more porn stars that may be added to the list, but they are not known/famous.

Drug addiction is claiming many lives on a daily basis in every industry, but this industry is hit extremely hard due to the nature of sinning against their own bodies. Sexual sins are the worse possible sins a person may commit. It infects the body with all kinds of foul spirits that anchor the persons soul and ruins the persons psyche. The host must use external sources to maintain normalcy. Most…

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