NFL Player And Uber Driver Killed By Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driver

Deplorable Kel

Indianapolis Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson and Uber driver, Jeffrey Monroe were killed this morning after being hit by a drunk driver.

Just before 4am this morning, Jackson and Monroe were stopped on the side of I-70. Both men were standing outside of the vehicle when a black Ford F-150 drove onto the emergency shoulder and struck the rear of the car and both men.

Instead of calling for help or seeing if the men were ok, the driver, Alex Cabrera Gonsales tried to flee the scene on foot. Thankfully, Police caught him quickly.

Not only was Gonsales drunk, but he is also unlicensed and it looks as if Gonsales is an illegal immigrant. According to Inmate booking records Alex Cabrera Gonsales is from Mexico and has an ICE detainer on him.

Gonsales was booked into  Marion County Jail.

According to a statement from Indiana State Police:

Two people are dead after being struck by an…

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