Seeking the Sacred in Uluru

The Light Behind the Story

grant-mciver-592-unsplash Photo by Grant McIver on Unsplash

I never quite know where they are going to take me, or what will happen once we get there. It’s become a game of trust and an adventure that teaches me as much as I hope it will teach those who read their stories.

The first character made her appearance as an orange and black butterfly. Later, when she transformed into a girl she gave me her name. Aponi. Then the five others  started appearing on the page. Three adolsecent girls and three boys about the same age. I thought more might come. I waited for their arrival and even tried to force a few onto the page, but it seems there had to be six warriors. No more. No less. So I allowed them to take their places on the points of a star, which revealed itself to be a labyrinth of broken…

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