My Sunday school trip, or “there and back again”


After my trip to Kitisilano, two official crow greeters welcomed me back to the Fairview neighbourhood.

Usually I sleep-in on weekends but Sunday morning (June 25) I was nearly up with the crows, if not the sun. That was because I was going to school—the General Gordon Elementary replacement school, to be precise.

I made the trip for a post I’m writing about the use of polyethylene-filled, aluminum composite material (ACM) cladding on buildings in Metro Vancouver. A construction worker friend of mine led me to believe that a renovated school, domewhere off West Broadway Avenue, between Arbutus and Macdonald Street was clad with this type of ACM—the same type of external cladding which helped turn the Grenfell Tower fire in London, U.K, into a lethal inferno, which took at least 79 people’s lives.

There are, in fact, many low-rise buildings in Metro Vancouver which are covered in flammable ACM…

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Raise yourself and do not drown


I would spend life among the trees

and rolling down hills and valleys of evergreen,

if I had my way and could extricate myself from this society

that seems to manacle and chain me from being free,

so that I can continue on with the drudgery and  mundane work

that somehow seems to stop me ,

and holds me back as if my feet

and mind are set in a place,

that we can never leave

but most of this is because we enslave ourselves consciously,

unto the duty that we feel we have to comply with

and so as our own worst enemy,

we bring about our own defeat

and end up living lives of suffering and misery

and we have to find a way to break this cycle,

find a way to break free, from these chains that hold us back

and hold us down through our domestication,

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Exploring Our Fair City

Artist- Ted Giffin - Musician

This post may be a colossal task. I am going to try to take you on a visual
and narrative journey.
I wandered downtown, and being frustrated over taking photos that would involve
power lines and cars, finding them hideous. I came upon an idea: to take photos
of the good side of the street and the bad side of the street, so to speak.

and then harping back to my days as a degenerate, I took photos where
one would sneak away to urinate, or do other shady business.

Finding nothing good to say.
I decided to take pictures of garbage receptacles.
You see, some are very well kept trash cans which are in the eyes of
the bourgeois public like these.

Also the city, in busy areas , has pretty trash bins that are well managed
and others which are not so…ya know, ya get the picture


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WICKED art thou



POWERFULLY I have more than a sneaky suspicion that my wishes will come true

I go through my life perhaps a little cautious of those weary strangers that decide out of nowhere that they want to strike up a conversation with me

As I stand firm and melt a look that I am in complete awe of my own powerMYSTICAL am I drawn to beautiful rocks stones and crystals which are small pieces of the Earth’s energy

For as long as I can remember I have collected along my walks in the neighborhood I live in

Bird Feathers
Crisp Leaves
Ocean Water

For my SpellWork in


And those items that have protective benefits to create a more Magickal vibe

Wearing those special stones and crystals in jewelry as I light some candles and incense as an invitation to the Spirits and the Angels…

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Siren Whispers


is not expensive presents

or lavish flowery words.

It’s not a bouquet of roses

or elaborate dates.

It is the little things

that resonate with her,

that make her swoon

just a bit more,

as she allows you to become closer. 

It is questions asked

that show you’ve been listening to her

and a gaze that misses nothing,

holding and heating her skin

with its intensity. 

It is the slight touch of fingers

when you’re looking elsewhere


but still connected.

It is sitting end to end on a couch


silent but aware of each other.

It is your hand on the small of her back

guiding her

not because she needs you to

but because you can’t not touch her.

Romance is time given

when time is short.

A five minute touch to remind her

that she is in your thoughts as you are in hers.


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A Time Before Love


There is a valley,

we all have a vantage point,

it carries a visual acumen,

filled with a variable progress.

I often wonder of accurate planning

the desire is action together

Yet we know acrimony might ensue

certainly we obscure our agency to love.

Would we in time languish desire,

that eternal love allows change

when what we long remains

always beyond lament’s labor.

If when we understand the truth

our lives would use simple time,

our world might utilize a passion

discreet yet real, a union met.

Can we begin to earn our truths

without the fear of every venue

combing the grounds to even the fare,

the beauty in love’s eternal eye.

Value allow love unusual ease.

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Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 123

But I Smile Anyway...

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance.” – Anon

Perusing Google and the inspirational sayings it offered, Spidey and I came across this one.

What a great way to think!

None of us is perfect.

And in a world where ‘perfection’ is continually forced upon us, be it celebs and their (artificially enhanced) looks, or lifestyles, or even down to the perfect fruit and veg we buy in the stores, it is easy to feel as if you are imperfect.

But just a little holler out there to you all,

Perfect is Boring!!!

It’s much more of an interesting journey we travel if we make the odd mistake or wrong decision. It shouldn’t be ruled out or forgotten.

Whatever slip up is made contributes to the person you are going to become.

Embrace your mistakes.

Accept them, and move on.

Learn from them.

Make them part of your story…

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i hear your whispers within the breeze, your face among the trees…


A word unspoken, from a distant soul, that i don’t know!

Also throughout echoing sounds, driven in early morning hours…


As you know i struggle, yet!  Your love helps to tame the beast inside of me…


Yes! i hear you family….


DarkPrince (chris jensen)


Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

There is no inherent salvation in structure.  Adhering to structure can often lead to effective action, which can induce a positive course of events, but structure alone is not enough.  One must be EFFECTIVE.  And to do that, one must constantly question whether the structure is serving them…or if they’re serving the structure.  

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Twilight – #writephoto

But I Smile Anyway...

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week.

It was that time again.
The mists rolled over the hills.
The sun had lowered below the horizon, darkness had yet to envelop the world.
That time… when humans feared the hills.
That time… when loved ones went missing.
That time… when the creatures felt safe to roam.
That time… when they feasted.
Before their eyes failed them in the inky black of the night, the creatures scoured the hills for any living thing, be it a four-legged mammal, or two.
They didn’t discern between either.
The sound of a heartbeat alerted them to their next meal.
They sensed the blood pulsing through veins, calling out to be drained.
Sated, they crawled back to their hiding places, to recharge… ready for the next Twilight…


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Going My Jay?

Graffiti Lux and Murals

These have got to be Blue Jays.

I found this in a skinny lane, across Harbord Street from where I found the garages.

I did my best to capture this 3 story mural.

However, due to the narrowness of the lane, and that a fab full shot could have been taken if I had stood in the middle of constant traffic, I went with this.

This is the second mural I have found with painted cut-outs on top of a painted background.

My heart beat faster than a bird’s wings when I found it.

Pics taken by Resa – May 28, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

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Fun with filters, a how-to guide… part 3… (and you should really read these in order)…

Pouring My Art Out


Okay, if you have been reading these posts in order, you should by now be able to turn any photo into an Obama-style poster like this one. The only thing you have to do that is different from the last post, is that you should open the ‘Effects’ menu, instead of the ‘Filter’ menu, once you open your photo in

a 1

The ‘effect’ menu will let you do a bunch of stuff to change a picture like that, into stuff like this…


I won’t even tell you the name of each of these effects. Just put a photo in there, and start playing around. Remember, you can undo any change you make, by clicking the blue ‘undo’ words above your latest experiment.


Hey, I am just trying to help make your blog more interesting… not that it isn’t already interesting.

Next, we will try some more fun stuff with some…

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Fun with filters, a how-to guide… part 4… (and you should really read these in order)…

Pouring My Art Out


Well, what the heck is that, and how can I do stuff like that for my blog?, I hear you all asking.

Step one: Read the posts in this series in order.

Step two: Use an Escher print instead of a photo.


Step three: Go to that place I told you about in an earlier post, and do some of the stuff I suggested.


I did all of these by playing with the ‘Filter’ menu… sometimes I did combinations, like adding color… which you can also do in the same menu… and then doing one of the filter options.


But it was all fun… and free… and took no time.


It didn’t even require any real creativity.

a 1

It all started out looking like that right there, and now it doesn’t anymore. And next, we will play with some of the other menus, just to see what happens with this simple…

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