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Making Art’s art even more arty… part 9…

Pouring My Art Out

a 1

I know, it is hard to believe that is a picture of one of the projects from my glass blowing class… but it is…

a 2

I had so much fun with the last post… and that kaleidoscope effect… that I used it again.

a 3

This is actually a photo of that ‘fire bowl’ I made.

a 4

But I added an extra step this time, before doing the other effects.

a 5

There is the photo of the fire bowl I used.

a 6

Then I added a water effect, that gives those weird patterns that you see on walls around swimming pools on a sunny day, or from a lit pool at night.

a 7

Then, I did the kaleidoscope effect on that image. Nice, but a little too orange.

a 8

Then I used that image for the rest of these.

a 9

And I have to say…

a 10

I like the way they turned out.

a 11

And to top it all off…

a 12


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J-Dubs Book Review of All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

Fast paced thriller that’s written in time warping chapters with several quotes about time. Here’s a good one:

Maybe Dad was right, that time wasn’t real. Just a thing we created to move on. Just a label to make sense of things.

I had to remind myself it was fiction because it read like Investigation Discovery – channel 192. Truth is stranger than fiction. Always!

No plot spoilers from me. Highly recommend if you like who done it mystery with family and friends like family dynamics showing the lengths people will go for the ones they love. Sprinkle is masks we wear and the age old question- do you ever really know anyone or what they’re capable of?

To know exactly what’s what, you’ll have to read it for yourself. So good that I have two and 1/2 pages of quotes for my commonplace book. Overall JDub rating 4.89 out…

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Awakened and aware


I see light despite dark

Good despite bad

Kindness despite hate

Compassion despite cruelty

Happiness despite the sadness

Peace despite the violence

I hear defiance despite the silence

Faith despite the fear

Love despite the brutality

Positivity despite the negative

Because inside of me

In my heart and soul

I feel unity even when alone

And I trust there are more like me out there

No longer asleep but awakened and aware.

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Cristian Mihai

It’s safe to assume that the vast majority of you played a game of some sorts at least once. Computer, console, smartphone, it doesn’t matter. Or practiced a sport, tried to develop a certain skill or learn a craft.

Remember when you tried for the first time. Remember how bad you were. Then, if you kept at it, you became kind of good. As you progressed through the levels of this game, even though the difficulty increased, so did you skill. A beginner watching would find this as magic almost. They are unable to exhibit the same level of mastery as you.

The point of all this, you ask?

Well, it’s the same way for everything in life. Everything!

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Getting in the mood for Christmas… Old, recycled posts of the holiday season… part 10…

Pouring My Art Out

Can we stop doing sexy Christmas songs? Can we, huh?…

I hate that ‘Santa Baby’ song. Don’t sing sexy-time to Santa. That is just wrong. But not as wrong as saying you want a car, a mink coat and a diamond ring. And no, I don’t want to think about Santa shimmying down a chimney. My mind is messed up enough already.

And while we are on the subject, that song “Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is just sick. That guy is just trying to seduce that poor, innocent girl. He is trying to get her drunk and talk her into spending the night with him. She can find a cab. She can call a cab company on the phone. Dude, you are making all men look bad with your pathetic attempts to try to beg that girl to stay. She isn’t ready yet, or you wouldn’t have to be trying so…

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Tonight during this Dark Moon it is time to bury the Truth

Expose it

Separate Fact from Fiction

Identify with what is really True

Allow your Senses to lead the way so you can finally determine what’s true and what’s not


…guide you down that Path of Truth

Find it outside of yourselfSAGITTARIUS



POWER STONE: azurite

HEALING: hips ~ thighs ~ nerves

MEDITATION: time to explore your own soul

Look up to the Heavens with your Bow and Arrow to find the answers


To keep your Mind fresh and your Soul at peace

Broaden your Horizons to know who is truly TrustWorthySPELL OF TRUTH

On a Dark of the Moon Night where the Skies are MoonLess and Cloudy no Stars to Shine the way

Take an Iron Nail that has…

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Share Your World (With A Twist): December 13, 2017


Time for this week’s Share Your World, ordinarily brought to us by Cee’s Photography, but she’s having internet issues.  So, for this week’s edition, Riddle From The Middle has stepped in to provide our questions.

Here are her questions for the week:

Is your second toe longer than your big toe?

Um, lets see:


What happens when the dogs dream?

Our dog?  Well, it likely involves chasing one of our cats up a tree and copious amounts of treats.

What’s on your closet floor right now?


Name five books on your bookshelf.

Lord.  Take your pick:

Name something that inspired you this week.

My boys are on their schools’ archery teams, and the twins’ middle school hosted a tournament, so I wasn’t just a spectator, I volunteered as a lane judge.

As such, you’re right down on the court with all the kids, helping them score, determining if…

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The War of Words…… So far…

My Perspective

The what seems to be never ending feud (no I am not talking about Jay-Z and Kanye). The deliberate teasing from country to country, pushing each leader to the brink of pressing that all important, daunting but tempting red button.

If you haven’t already pieced it together, I’m referring to North Korea and America exchanging heated rhetoric and scary threats. I’m assuming all of you are aware of the ongoing situation that has constantly dominated newspaper headlines in recent months.

Just allowing myself to string sentences together on the topic is draining, considering how frustrated I feel when seeing the masses of media attention on the topic. Why write about then you may ask?   Well, I thought it was a very relevant topic in the news and something that needed to be addressed. I want to express the background facts so that there is no confusion, instead of hearing…

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Last chance

Cristian Mihai

Hi guys,

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