Siren Whispers

FullSizeRender1Hope is a luminary 

she sets alight

and frees into the night air

watching the light as it travels

following its path

believing in its brightness

finding the unexpected storm

that blows the flame out

in a single burst

casting her into darkness

leaving her to search

for that flicker

the hope that she had

a purity of faith

that would right her perspective

that would calm her soul

that would make her remember

and believe

that there is good that happens

after all



Photograph taken from Pinterest

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European robin

Pax Et Dolor Magazine

IMG_0188 (2)Now when the last weather of snow came, many birds have shown up and wants some food. One of my favorites is the European robin. The European robin is so beautiful with the orange color on the chest. Here with me it’s shy and difficult to get a photo of.More pictures you can see on


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Originally posted on Reena Saxena: Memories were refreshed every day the nursery was kept intact in anticipation of visiting grandchildren. Skype, Facetime galore, but they never came to see us. Nonet inspired by Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto via Anticipation — Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

A Little Longer

Heartstring Eulogies

“Boulders are
shackled to
my legs and
I’m being dragged
to the bottom
of an icy ravine.”

Boulders are shackled to my legs and I’m being dragged to the bottom of an icy ravine. The deep blue water envelops me and I see the moon twinkling through from above. The pressure rises in my head and all I can do is pull against those restraints. Knowing that it’s a futile battle. Knowing I won’t make it to the surface. For a flicker of an instant, I wonder if the world would lament my loss. But then, I remember my son. Each time he smiled at me, gave me a hug, and tried to make me smile. I remember my husband, and all those times he looked into my eyes. Every touch. Every promise. I remember the people that love me. And that gives me the strength to keep fighting. To…

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The flames will penetrate your mind as you immerse yourself in the energy of the Fire

They have in their nature a most powerful force

Listen…can you hear the crackling of the logs and smell the enchantment of the smoke

Close your eyes let it take you away

Passion explodes the Fire in my Soul

Flames release the Sensuality of my Spirit

This warmth is the Energy of Life

The Spell has begun near the open Fire as everyone can feel its influenceGaze into them and let the flames transform you

Ask yourself your most burning questions and have the courage to receive the answers

Send me the blessings of joy happiness and love

Make me pure
Make me powerful
Make me glow with passion

All of us possess some electrical and magnetic forces within ourselvesAnd just like a magnet we exert a force of attraction the question…

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Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘You’re so God damn beautiful,’ and we kissed. Only

we never did. I woke up and you were never there. I splash

water on my face, but I can’t get over it. You’re my South African

queen, purest smile I’ve ever witnessed. Purest lie I’ve ever concocted.

I’m retiring from dreaming. It’s torturous for me to believe that you can

coexist in a world so undeserving. ‘You can’t ever be the real thing,’

you whisper while reminiscing on your American dream.

Photographer Unknown

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