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A page (and some details) from Bill Sienkiewicz’s adaptation of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. The Classics Illustrated edition (February 1990) is one of my favorite Moby-Dicks.


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Dirty-Tree? …

Stuart France


I feel no

sense of guilt

at being here

though regret at

the potential loss

of other-worlds is


and would be

more so did

not those other-worlds


for precedence around

each and every corner.

– Count Jack Black

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Monday Morning Glamour

Originally posted on Miss Lady Lace's Vintage Pinup Blog: Hello lovelies, With each day you’ve given new opportunities, sieve the day, dream big and make it happen! For this week’s Monday Morning Glamour inspiration I have for the beautiful Dorothy Dandridge, who’s a film and theatre actress, singer, and dancer who was popular during the… via …


Originally posted on Writings by MCM: POETRY IS LIFE An art form Unlike any other Takes on many facets Unlike the others An art piece with Words that allow emotions To increase and flow Moving you towards a place From what you may know Poetry has a life source And one of its very own… via …

Magnolia drawing

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

A quick ipad drawing of one of the Magnolia blooms I told you about in a previous post. I want to do a proper painting of it too, but right now I’m working on my painting for Trosa Spring exhibition and I have to be sure that painting will be ready in time.

So every free awake hour I try to give the painting. That means being away from you a lot more than I wish to. Just look at this

The last two days I have been away from wp very much. I miss you but will be back. I wanna show you my painting that I’m working on, but you will have to wait til exhibition opening later on in May.

It’s a good one, I hope, so please be patient and wait if you want to see what I’m working on. I think I’m gonna call it…

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About Her Peter Rabbit

Hidden within a thought,
a silent message,

kisses we have

ifinn you catch this message, what city do you live in?


Aubrey's Arch

Reestablish to somebody else
somebody different
New, woodlands out in Louisiana
Something I need to tell you,
I need something right away
Something about her Peter Rabbit,
more sides than hickory-cumference
Morning at 10 o’clock at night
to reveal Busch Gardens memberships
Drove the dude out of the dirt,
grounded, shake it open, wide open,
Donut Willowsong

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