Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

The man in the white suit takes a sip of his

black coffee and readjusts his glasses, ‘says here you

rejected your own parole. You hiding from something?’ Getting

permission to stand in front of the guarded window, the prisoner bows

his head and releases a deep breath. ‘This place is safe. May not have all the

amenities of a free man, but these thick walls make up for that.’ Putting his pen

down, he asks the prisoner to elaborate, ‘are you trying to say that your life is

in danger?’ Walking back towards to his chair, he grips the sides of the

steel table and slams it into the man and directly into the wall.

Falling to his knees, the prisoner puts his hands behind

his head and prays for Gods forgiveness, ‘I need

to stay here. I am the danger.’

Photographer Unknown

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The dance of the flowers.

A must read, this thoughtful writer, whom is always helping others…


A beautiful Spring day and the dance of the flowers.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


                                             The dance of the flowers.
My dear and sweet love, please come walk with me. My love, please dance with me in the field of the wildflowers. Today the earth is alive and you and I are free to see the trees in bloom and the green earth alive and so beautiful.
Please my dear love. Let’s dance in the wild flowers fields and near the Lake St. Clair. You and I.
Blessed by the moving water and the dancing branches of the  leaves of the trees. Today the trees are colorful and alive. You and I can fall into the sound of kind nature. Today you and I will…

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Zeppelin and Saturday 


This morning is a Zeppelin morning. The mystic in me rises up when I listen. I am amazed at lyric and riff at the same time. My youth was obsorbed with these sounds as my soul was drawn into the musings of Carlos Cateneda. Another world was opened to me.

A door way appeared in my inner world and I felt a compulsion to go through it. I did again and again in those early years. The masters of music and the seer of the mystic led me into the depths of heart and soul. I found wonderful depth and beauty, and, even as a young man, a wisdom that seemed to be beyond my own brief years.

A life of pursuing this path of the mystic followed. I took many paths that led to truth and wonder and others that led to disappointment and emptiness. It is a life…

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Candle Curse

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

Lonely Girl

A Simple But Effective Candle Curse

You will need:
Two candles
A needle

Take a candle, preferably black or red. With a needle, write the name of the person you’re cursing. Take that same needle and burn the tip of it in the flame of another candle.

Once the tip is black, imagine the person you are cursing and stab the candle with their name in it. How many times you stab the candle is up to you. I usually choose 23, since it’s a number sacred to Eris.

When your candle is sufficiently stabbed, light it and focus on your curse’s intention. For instance, if someone has stolen from you, your intention could be that they would experience an equal theft.

Let the candle fully melt. You don’t want to reuse this one.


Harnessing Fire Magic (A Witch’s Guide to Elemental Magic)
Viivi James

IMG_3480 (3).jpg

 I created…

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