Good Morning Mishpocheh

Lula Harp

I love Nola. I’d move here in an instant if it weren’t for the storms. The coffee is better, there is color everywhere, and they have some of the best food in the world. Tied for my favorite thing about this city is how they embrace everyone and make gumbo.

While out for a walk this morning the Hispanic car wash guys said good morning to the African American woman with her dew rag tied on her head. This in itself isn’t note worthy.

It’s that they said Good Morning Mishpocheh. If you aren’t up on your Yiddish, here’s your lesson for the day. Mishpucha (say it like you are clearing your throat on the ch: mish-pu-CH-a) means family.

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12 Benefits of Witchcraft



There are many benefits of witchcraft as a spiritual practice. There’s no one way to practice magick, and no two witches are alike. People practice magick from all religions, backgrounds, and for a variety of reasons. That being said, there are several underlying traits that those who practice can benefit from. Here are twelve benefits of witchcraft:

Anyone Can Be A Witch – Witchcraft is often associated with the religion of Wicca, but one doesn’t have to be Wiccan to practice it. People from all religious backgrounds practice magick, and nonreligious people do as well.

There Are No Rules – Sure, there’s spell books, guides, tools, and different things people recommend, but your practice is your own and it can be as complex or as simple as you like.

You Can Do It From Anywhere – A lot of witches have designated sacred spaces and altars to perform magick, but…

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15 Tools To Help You Meditate



There are many benefits to meditation, and I find those benefits are much more accessible to me when I have some tools to work with. For me, many of those things involve a physical object that I can see and hold in my hands. Here are fifteen tools to help you meditate:

Crystals – Working with crystals makes me meditate almost every day. Most people talk about meditation in terms of a daily practice and long-term benefits, but for me, it’s all about the short term. I do it because it allows me to have peace of mind IN THAT MOMENT. I keep crystals by me when I sleep, and reaching for them to meditate whenever I feel so inclined is a natural extension of working with them.

Prayer Beads – This is a great tool, and you don’t necessarily have to be religious to use them. They can help…

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Recipe: Christmas Trivia and George Washington’s Eggnog

The Swedish Farmer's Daughter

Santa thumbs up

You cannot beat a nicely spiked cup of Eggnog on cold winter days such as the ones we are experiencing.

Then, too, Christmas Trivia is always a good read.

Christmas Trivia:

George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Day 1776.

It was in 350 A.D that Julius I, Bishop of Rome chose December 25 to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.

The first Christmas tree decorated in the White House was during the Franklin Pierce Administration.

Calvin Coolidge in 1923 lit the first Christmas tree on the White House lawn.

When it pays to send the best… The first official White House Christmas card was sent by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He asked a friend, Joyce. C. Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards, for help. Hallmark has supplied the official presidential holiday cards ever since.

The first tinsel was made in 1878 and distributed in Nuremberg, Germany. These icicles…

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Winter Solstice – Discovering new meaning to advent.

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

On Thursday December 21, we are gifted with the return of longer days by Mother Earth with the celebration of the Winter Solstice. Soon to follow as we celebrate the gift of Jesus and his wonderful light. What if we could see the Solstice and the Sun as “the light of the world” and there was no distinction between Christ consciousness?

This is Advent — when, as sleepers, we awaken to our own light of love, deep within us, waiting to be reborn again in the dark stables of our own souls.

Lindsey Mead speaks to the nascent light of her own inner longing as Solstice approached, and offers a meditation by author Meg Casey that captures the hushed beauty of December here

December is a holy month. Maybe it is the dark, silky silence that descends so early that speaks to me of reverence. Maybe it is the promise…

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Where Are You Going?

Source of Inspiration

“The man who walks in the dark
does not know where he is going.”
He thinks no one sees his
wicked ways for the evil one
covers his eyes, yet the Light
will expose him telling him
to leave his wicked ways
and walk the Path of Love.

The moment comes
when one must decide
who will have his soul
he cannot straddle the line

Come, come to the Light
or forever be in the
Land of No Return
lost to he
who has no mercy

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While Trespassing I Note the Sadness of Old Fences

O at the Edges

While Trespassing I Note the Sadness of Old Fences

I write poems when I can,
in late morning or during

the afternoon, between chores
but before dinner. And sometimes

I duck through spaces
void of wire barbs, and consider

how to fill the incomplete, which words,
what materials could repair

those particular holes. I cut my own
fence once, to access our house

when the creek flooded the road,
lugging uphill through the snake

grass a jug of scotch, my mandolin
and a watermelon, essentials for a weekend’s

respite. To be truthful I cut only the lowest
strand, to help the dog get through — I

was able to climb over, but he couldn’t dig
through the limestone rubble to wriggle

under, and we’d come too far
to simply turn around.

* * *

This appeared in riverSedge, Volume 29, Issue 1, released in October 2016. I first encountered riverSedge

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Gem tree


I sit looking out my window

Seeing beads of rain

Hanging like gems

Off of the branches

Of my leafless willow tree

It reminds of what makes nature so amazing

Why so many people see it as beautiful as it is.

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