Fun with filters, a how-to guide… part 1… (and you should really read these in order)…

Pouring My Art Out

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Over the next day or two… or longer, if the crack squirrels that live in my head decide it should be so… we are going to have some fun with filters. I know, everybody says I have no filters. But you probably do. And if you don’t, I can tell you where to get some… for free… and they are easy to use, and will make your blog art pop.

Also, I will tell you, step-by-step, how to do all this stuff.

To begin with, I am using a picture of the little girl I babysit. Yes, it is my buddy, Olivia, the daughter of some friends of ours. And yes, I supplement my meager income from a part-time job as an apartment manager by doing some babysitting. I even undercut my competition… teenage girls… by charging only ten dollars an hour, which, I think, is below the actual minimum…

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“The sparkle in your eyes”


The sparkles in your eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Old memories and places.


                 The sparkles in your eyes

I remember when the sparkles in your eyes could light up the world around you.

I remember how badly I wanted you. How I twisted my world backward just for
a few moments of your time.

And now, my heart had learned. Real love is more precious than diamonds and gold. Hidden dreams and hidden places cannot be removed from the mind and heart.

Now you only smile rarely and find peace when sleep appeared. You swim in sweet dreams and find your beautiful smile in made-up fairy tales.

Maybe your life wasn’t so tough, but you were tender and your heart easily broken.

And me, I was after another conquest, another heart to add to my ego.

But you still won. I go back to you in my thoughts…

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Wrongfully Suspended! (MPA)



Staff @ MPA 2275 Fir Street.

F_ck You,

let’s start with my name;

christopher raymond jensen.

i attend the MPA on 2275 Fir Street often to use the computer an laundry..

Well i have had problems with the individual on more than one occasion…  And have been duly suspended, twice now, for what i feel, i have been wronged, anyway getting to my point, the staff working on the day of June 12,2017 have decided to suspended my once again,

where i did do anything that started this incident, an

after i left during the time, while i was loading up my mountain bike an trailer, the said black women, continued to argue with me…  And once again she had start just like before the moments that the staff asked me to leave, which i must comment that i did leave right away…

All i’m asking that you look…

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President Trump Was Not Under Investigation…

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic: Dem Sen Manchin: No Evidence ‘Whatsoever’ of Collusion The Entire Deep State DC Institutional Apparatus Knew President Trump Was Not Under Investigation… June 10, 2017 by sundance When fired FBI Director James Comey testified to congress he admitted to telling President-Elect Donald Trump, and President Donald Trump, three times,…

via VIDEO Entire DC Deep State KNEW President Trump Was NOT Under Investigation – Judge Jeanne – Jay Sekulow — hocuspocus13

Guest author: Suzanne Rogerson – 5 ways spreadsheets can help writers plan and edit their novels

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’ve always loved using excel spreadsheets, which probably goes back to my office job days (yawn!). But it was only as I recently plotted and planned the second book in my Silent Sea Chronicles, that I wondered if other writers had considered the benefits of using spreadsheets as a writing tool. Excel is great for;

  1. Planning your novel
  • Plan scenes in brief (or detailed if you prefer)

I do a mixture of both on the spreadsheet. Sometimes I plot out the basic scene, but I might add a few bits of dialogue to help me get into the scene when it comes to actually writing it.

  • It’s easy to copy, cut and move scenes around until you find the right place for them in the story.
  • Keep track of viewpoint characters

This is great when you have a cast of characters. I don’t like to leave too long between…

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The Drowning.

Musings of PuppyDoc

as waters frosted by twilight
weigh upon gossamer wings.
Deceived by a thirst unquenched,
I descend upon a reflection,
sinking into myself.

within bitter tides,

I reminisce of a life relinquished–
where pinions sway unfettered
above blossoms coaxed by spring,
flittering from bud to bloom,
each bead of nectar
a fragrant haven.

Peering above to
heavens turned black,

tapestries of stars taunt
as they unbraid before me.
Below bitter waters,
shadows enshrined
whisper silently,

By the lure of

I succumb
to the abyss’
waiting embrace,

the warmth within now
a quivering of a fading flame.

I enter into the void.

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Musings of PuppyDoc

into the haven
of a mausoleum
lies a dove deceived-
its tattered pinions
a reminder of
a pledge riven
a reverie tainted

an innocence

Save her
let the shadows
of her present
console with
saccharine lies
warm her with
tinned caresses
of boughs
freshly severed-
a revival of 
splintered promises 
of a new day
as verdant hues
decay to dust.

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“A wish upon a star”


A wish upon a star

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Old dreams never fade away.

A  wish upon a star

Every night before I close my eyes.
I whisper your name.

I make a wish to kiss your lips and
to feel the heat of your body.

I sent you a prayer.
A prayer you have found happiness.

I held you so tightly once.
But I saw the loneliness and
the hunger for the road in your eyes.

My wandering Angel was dying.
I drove you to the airport.

I watched as you flew away from me and
I whispered I would wait for you.

I knew when you set a wild animal free.
They will  never come back.

I drink the tequila now and
I run down Big Sur beach yelling your name.

Sweet name to my heart.

I sit by the  Monterey bay and
after the tequila killed all my senses.

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Another’s Share

Source of Inspiration

Beaks open, wings flapping
featherless birds cry to receive.
Calves bumping full udders
children running to the dinner bell
all ready to partake
of the bounty of the land.

Yet there are those who
are cramped in hunger
no food awaits them
as flesh shrivels, bellies protrude
another child, woman, man
dies of greed of those who
refuse to share, wrapped in greed.

Sometime I feel guilty
for my fleshy arms
fat belly, plump thighs
knowing I’ve eaten
another’s share
yet how can I reach
those who go hungry
when I’m finally
ready to care?

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Erotic Yearnings

rolling me over, positioning me on all fours,

lightly spanking my bottom until passion soars,

then my shoulders slump, till head rests on the pillow,

presenting moist sex, for carnal peccadillo,

feeling movement, as you position yourself on bed,

then my moist swollen lips, your arousal does spread,

pushing back, as you slowly slide into my heat,

those sleek muscles tightly squeeze, as ardour they greet,

withdrawing just a little, then pushing back in,

at a leisurely, sensual pace to begin,

as your hips bounce against my curvaceous bottom,

thumbs soft caress, at puckered rosette is welcome,

and large aching breasts, sway to sensual rhythm,

as that hardness, plunges deep into my chasm.

pushing back, against the thumb’s probing insistence,

and tight muscle slowly gives up, it’s resistance,

until finally, allowing the thumb to pass,

and it edges bit by bit, into my tight arse,

reaching back between my splayed…

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The Wayward Sisters: Back to Black (Blogging friends)





My storming high-heel,

passionate dream,

within a swish an a kiss

our lives flow

erotically downstream…

Mysterious an unique,

dark dressed’

an honestly critique..

Storming passionate

fruit and vodka

early morning, wake-up

washed away

loving memories

of lastnights


Stimulating conversations


laughter an dance..

Reminiscing new an old


an fallen lov

midday trance..

Open dreams,

to a fresh new start

within those fun, loving beginnings!

The above piece was

within a honest fun in a loving way…

To the post made be a blogging friend;


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