… is a sort of homecoming

Originally posted on sailorpoet: The crowning experience of all, for the homecoming man, is the wonderful feeling that, after all he has suffered, there is nothing he need fear any more — except his God. — Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning Poetry is a sort of homecoming. — Paul Celan across the field,…

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Goodnight, Penelope

Originally posted on Color me in Cyanide and Cherry: *Image from Wikipedia Goodnight, Penelope Down by the river I step on a mollusk as he slurps on a reed; while utter nonsense takes the world for granted, a great silence wants to go to hell, myself an accident on purpose it sees these organs, mine,…

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Originally posted on Alfa: ? ? I woke up to heaviness in my chest this morning. I could feel the imprint of your footsteps. Heavy. Foreboding. Intentional. You always had that way about you. Leaving your mark wherever you went. You’ve been sleepwalking through my soul… again. How many mornings will I feel the loss…

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Individual And The Universe

Originally posted on Zen Flash: “I seem, like everything else, to be a center, a sort of vortex, at which the whole energy of the universe realizes itself.. Each one of us, not only human beings but every leaf, every weed, exists in the way it does, only because everything else around it does. The…

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MERCURY Goes Direct!

Originally posted on Rubys Readings: Happy Mercury Goes Direct! by Ruby Mercury in Retrograde is finally turning direct today, YAY! If you don’t follow Astrology, then maybe you should at least read this! Did you experience the energies feeling off and slowed down, and end up feeling somewhat frustrated and confused over the last month…

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Mermaid Says…..Trust Your GUT, It’s a FREEING Experience

Originally posted on Tales From A Mouthy Mermaid: Good Morning Dear Readers, This morning I want to write about an experience that has taking me so very long to learn……TRUST YOUR GUT……. In my world, trusting your GUT is something that took me many years to learn and I’m not sure why, but believe me…

(i jumped on to this post, because of an old memory of an old friend, now passed on.. We experience a duet dream, in my
special place… i lovingly true..

Nonetheless, ifinn you know about Mermaids Breath, then you need not go any farther…

Well Mermaids Breath, is a magical gift only given by a Mermaid, i would only to special souls..

i took my friend to my special spot, where we both, met up with an very old friend,
where she gave us both the breath of her soul..

Which allows one to breath under water…

True story…)

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The touch of Otherness

Originally posted on The Silent Eye: In every mystical gathering, of whatever nature, there comes that moment when a correctly constructed ‘vessel’ is taken over – however fleetingly – by a sense of ‘otherness’. Experience teaches us that this is actually paradoxical. What is ‘taking over’ is the very state that is the goal of…

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The social role of painting art

PHILOSOPHY OF BEAUTY The social role of painting art Many intellectuals believe that: Art, as social production, has no impact on other forms of social life. Artistic creation does not alter social, political or economic systems; Whereas the reverse is very possible. Art, as a human practice, does not change the spectators who receive it. […]

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Page Of Swords….

Originally posted on Tarot by Cecelia: Artist, Tara Fly, returns with more cat art, for 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space. I am not surprised to see this card today, but, I must admit, I am also rather humored by it. Mercury is stopping today to station direct in the sign of Aries tomorrow,…

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Where Are You In Your Journey: Episode 9

Originally posted on WitchyWisdoms: witchywisdoms.com Episode 9 is live! Here you’ll meet Dr. Meredith Watson, an incredibly bubbly alchemist who will help you grow your business with integrity! If you’d like to follow up with Meredith you can find her at her Confidence Lounge (along with me!) and at her virtual villa! Tune in below and on…

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Power Rocks and Poetry

In February, 2014, a team of Canadian Women won Curling gold at the Sochi Olympics. In March of 2017 Christy Birmingham wrote “Wolf”, for Kids’ Month. They all inspire me. So, let me introduce you to everyone, starting with the winning curling team. Jennifer Jones – Skip Kaitlyn Lawes – Third Jill Officer – Second […]

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Classified Information (Keep No Secrets)

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer: Judicial Watch Classified Document on Unsecured Email Included Discussion of Request for ‘Various Classified Intelligence Documents’ Concerning Guantanamo Terrorist Detainee Binyam Mohamed (Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch today released 1,184 pages of State Department records, including previously unreleased Hillary Clinton email exchanges, revealing additional instances of…

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101 Mystery Blogger Award — Chroniclers’ Edition

Originally posted on Living a Beautiful Life: The Mystery Blogger Award comes to me from the talented Rob Goldstein — thank you, Rob! I’m honored and delighted. If you’re not already following Rob please visit him at Art by Rob Goldstein. . What is the Mystery Blogger Award, you ask? The Mystery Blogger Award is an award…

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