Mr. Pattison,

all that hard work you put into a city! An in less than a year we've destroy it's beauty an desire....


She whispered to me, “Owen – I would like to be your girl. But you must take me everywhere. I want to see the world.” Read more @ from a reblog; This blogging friend, always finds interesting work.. SHE WHISPERED


Ci sono muri interiori altissimi che si sgretolano di fronte a un gesto di pura tenerezza. Massimo Bisotti via DI FRONTE — With Love

Head Down

Originally posted on S. K. Nicholas: ? A cigarette here and there. A fuck to lance away the cobwebs caused by too much indifference brought on by years of keeping it all locked within. In the corners of your mouth, I see enough shadows to drown a thousand proletarians. I see enough pain to undo… via …